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Company profile

Our company, developing business since 1991, is the purely Czech private company. The core activity is represented by manufacture and sale of ceramic foam filters, used under the trade name VUKOPOR® in the foundry industry in the sector of primary aluminium production, in petrochemical and food industry as well as for miscellaneous decorative applications. Manufacture of refractory ceramics is the complementary production to filters. Typical products are as follows: different filtering shaped pieces and systems, e.g. filtration carousels and grates, filtration boxes, transport channels, ceramic funnels and other shaped refractory concrete products used mainly in foundries. Products for the precision investment casting technology represent a complete product line. We are speaking about pressed ceramic funnels, injection mould ceramic cores, support crosses, ceramic bars and other auxiliary materials. Production of lubricants and separators for die casting has a long-time tradition in the company. 

Manufacture of high-quality products in the corresponding environment, increase of use value of the products in practice, a high share of created profit allocated to refurbishment and development of production technologies and production environment, investment into R + D  focused on development of the existing product lines and creation of the new ones – these are the core priorities of the company. In the HR sector a great attention is paid to maintaining and development of a stable team of employees, to their education and acquiring new skills. Improvement of image of the VUKOPOR® and LANIK® brands belongs to the priorities as well.

Nearly 85% of company production is exported. Europe is the dominant market for our company, in particular Germany, CR, Switzerland, Poland, France, Russia and Slovakia. India is for us the most important non-European market. It is quite natural that the company grants technical service for all its products – from the point of application technology of the product and its further development. In addition to it, we cooperate actively with specialized universities and research institutes on the topical problems of the foundry sector. 

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