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The Al2O3 based filters are intended in particular for filtering aluminium alloys and other nonferrous metals for foundry and metallurgical applications at the temperatures up to 1350 °C. They can be used for single metal filtering in the gating system of the mould, but they are intended even for permanent immersion into the molten metal for filtering high metal volumes during the cast campaigns. The filters can easily be placed into the riser tubes, filtration boxes, filtering cups, holding furnaces, etc.


The Al2O3 – C based filters are intended for single filtering of aluminium and aluminium alloys up to the temperature of 850 °C. They are used exclusively for placing into the gating system of the mould or for placing into the filtering cup (cone) made of insulation materials or into exothermic extensions. Low bulk density, low thermal capacity and capability of quick heating are the greatest advantages of these filters.

For nonferrous alloys filtration also VUKOPOR® S filters can be used.


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