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History of the company

The company Igor Láník – Techservis Boskovice was established in 1991 by Ing. Igor Láník senior and from the very beginning of its existence the company has been concentrated on manufacture of auxiliary materials for the foundry and metallurgical industry. The company has thus continued activities of the Research Institute of Ceramics (VUK Horní Bříza) with the place of business in Dolní Lhota, Blansko region, which ceased to exist in 1991. The core business was at the beginning represented by lubricants and release agents for the foundries and drop forge shops as well as manufacture of ceramic foam filters. The company began to develop its business with 4 employees. The original manufacturing premises of the company (garage, car repair shop) became inadequate and insufficient very soon afterwards and in 1992 the company moved to a larger manufacturing hall in Chrudichromská street 7, premises of the company STS Boskovice. Ceramic foam filters began to prevail over the lubricants and separation coats step by step.

In 1996 the company had ca 30 employees and the annual turnover of roughly CZK 20 million. The company has expanded and therefore it was necessary to build the warehousing zone, to extend the manufacturing area and to enlarge the administrative background – in the period 1999 – 2000. In 2000 the enlarged premises were no more satisfactory and the administrative background moved to the leased rooms in the Dřevařská street premises. Manufacture of cast ceramics and production of lubricants and separation coats was moved there soon afterwards.

Production hall Chrudichromská 7 (year 2002)

Three years later (in 2003) the offices, i.e. the administrative sector, was moved again, this time into the reconstructed building, Chrudichromská street 22, close to the manufacturing plant. This building also accommodates a separate workshop for production of pressed ceramic cups. In 2005 the company has 96 employees and the annual turnover of nearly CZK 200 million. In the same year a new building for dispatch is constructed in the Dřevařská street premises and the preparatory work for construction of a new manufacturing plant are commenced.

Procurement of the first industrial chamber furnace with fibrous lining (in 1997 unique technology in the whole Czech Republic), construction of the first prototype soaking line (1999) and procurement of the continuous roller tunnel kiln (2007)are considered the basic turning points from the point of production technology. From that time period the technology has been modified several times, more progressive and sophisticated machines and equipment have been purchased. The year 2006, when the territorial decision on construction of a new municipal industrial zone (adjacent to our original manufacturing premises) come into force, was a very important milestone in the history of our company. One year later, in July 2007, a greater part of manufacture of the ceramic foam filters (VUKOPOR S) was transferred to the newly constructed plant. During this year the company experienced the greatest expansion, the number of employees climbed up to ca 250 persons, turnover of EUR 14 million (over CZK 380 million). The original manufacturing hall was reconstructed one year later and production of filters for nonferrous alloys and for steel is nowadays concentrated in it. The overall investment in the period 2006-2008 amounted to ca CZK 250 million. In 2009 the production range of the company was extended by manufacture of ceramic cores for the precision casting technology.

Production hall H1, Chrudichromská 17 (year 2008)

Introduction of the quality management system ISO 9001:2001 (in 2001) completed successfully by the certification audit performed by the company RW TUV Essen was an important step for increase of quality of our products and provision of higher stability of production. Department of technical development is the integral part of the company LANIK from the time period of its establishment. This department is in charge of development of the production technologies and their optimization, development of new products, development of machine and equipment prototypes.The department cooperates closely on the one side with the sales department and on the other side with the department of production technologies. From the point of history participation of the company in international GIFA fairs is also worth mentioning. Thanks to these fairs the company has penetrated quickly into the global markets. For the first time the company participated in the GIFA fair as early as in 1994, together with the companies KOVOLIT Modřice, TOS Rakovník (manufacturer of die-casting machines) and Strojimport Praha. From this year we have been participating in the fair regularly. With the effective date from 01.01. 2012 structure of the company has been transformed from the natural person to the company limited.

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