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Hofmann Ceramic GmbH, Germany

Our company is the official distributor of pressed filters and SiC chills in the Czech and Slovak Market.



Morgan Molten Metal Systems, UK

Since 2009 we are the official distribution of the products of the Morgan Molten Metal Systems company in the Czech and Slovak Market. We are speaking mainly about the melting and holding crucibles for foundries of non-ferrous metals. We also offer stands for crucibles, pyrometric tubes, ladles and degassing rotors, etc.


Morsa Wachsfabrik GmbH, Germany

Morsa Wachsfabrik GmbH is the global casting wax supplier for lost wax foundries, offering virgin waxes as well as reclaimed and tailor made waxes. 



M. Fleischer OHG, Germany

Producer of refractory hydraulic liquids Pyrosafe.

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