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Ceramic foam filters

Dominant activity of the LANIK s.r.o. company is represented by manufacture and sale of the ceramic foam filters used under the trade name VUKOPOR® mainly in the foundry industry and in the primary aluminium production.

Thanks to the mechanism of creation of the “filter cake” on the inlet filter side and thanks to depth filtration inside the ceramic matrix they represent the effective instrument enabling to reach metallurgical purity of the molten metal during the process of casting. The ceramic foam filters VUKOPOR® also calm mould filling, thus preventing creation of new inclusions and undesirable defects in the casting. The calming effect on mould filling is conditioned by conversion of turbulent liquid metal flow upstream the filter into the laminar flow downstream the filter. 

These VUKOPOR® filter features are conditioned by the open 3D structure of the ceramic matrix created by the system of mutually interconnected cells. The filters are characterized by a very good thermal conductivity, stability and resistance to sudden temperature changes.

By applying ceramic foam filters, a higher quality of castings at lower costs for their manufacture can be reached in general:


Increase of quality of castings:

  • better surface of the castings
  • improved mechanical features of the castings
  • better dimensional and shape accuracy of the castings

Lower costs:

  • reduced rejection rate
  • lower costs for machining of the castings

Types of ceramic foam filters are conditioned in particular by requirements for their application. Filters for filtration of nonferrous metal alloys (casting temperature up to 1000 °C), filters for filtering  cast iron with flaky and spheroidal graphite and filters intended for steel filtration are therefore used  in practice. Depending on the cast material, Al2O3, SiC, ZrO2 or graphite based filters are applied.

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