Integrated policy (QMS, EMS, OHSAS) of the LANIK s.r.o. company

Based on the long – time business plan and market analysis top management of the company declares the integrated policy of quality management, environmental management and OHSAS and takes responsibility for its realization.

The company shall:

  • observe legislative and other requirements for safety and occupational health protection, environmental protection and other sectors;
  • exert every effort to satisfy customers’ requirements by offering high quality products within the requested product range and by technical assistance during their application;
  • develop individual business policy considering the customer’s entity and the expected result of cooperation;
  • work continuously on development of new and improvement of existing products, based on market analysis and customers’ needs;
  • exert every effort so that brand of the company and its products may become symbol of high quality in the sector of technical ceramics and symbol of the socially conscious employer;
  • preserve business and economic independence.


These objectives can be reached by the:



  1. Creation of satisfaction of the LANIK s.r.o. company customers by quality of our products and by improvement of rendered technical support/assistance and mutual cooperation.
  2. Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
  3. Lifelong specialized education of the company staff at all levels, increase of their professional level.



  1. Continuous monitoring of pollution of the living and working environment by activities of the company and reduction or elimination of consequences of pollution of the environment.
  2. Continuous deepening of awareness of its employee about importance of environmental protection. Periodic training and systematic deepening of the knowledge necessary for environmental protection.



  1. Continuous improvement in the OHSAS and fire protection sector
  2. Implementation of safe working procedures and instructions and replacement of the existing ones, where imperfection has been revealed by the practice. Procurement of new safe machines and equipment and possible replacement of the existing, less perfect machinery.
  3. Systematic creation of awareness of responsibility of all colleagues for their own health as well as for health of the persons on the workplace and its environs.
  4. Continuous elimination of the labour risks, occupational injuries and prevention of occupational diseases. Determination of preventive measures and actions to eliminate risks in the OHSAS sector.



  1. Making such steps and measures that will lead to reduction of energy intensity in the whole process of production. Providing sufficient resources and information to reach the set goals and target values with respect to energy savings across the company.
  2. Supporting procurement of energy-saving products and services and reviewing adequate proposals for reduction of energy intensity of the machinery, processes and services.


Boskovice, July 14th 2017

Ing. Igor Láník jr.