Technical support is offered for all our products.

We offer technical support for all our products as the integral part of production and sales activities. This means, above all, consultations and designs of the gating systems, personal participation in operating tests, designs and realization of atypical solutions, etc.

Ceramic Foam Filters VUKOPOR®

The core activity is represented by manufacture and sale of ceramic foam filters, used under the trade name VUKOPOR® in the foundry industry, in the sector of primary aluminium production, in petrochemical and food industry as well as for miscellaneous decorative applications.

Ceramic Cores MP

Ceramic cores MP are designed for castings made by the lost wax method. They are made by the technology of medium pressure injection moulding (mixture of ceramic and wax). This technology is quite tool friendly, means there are not so high requirements for the die and also that the tool has higher life time compared to other technologies. By our technology cores with thin – 0,35 mm as well as thick – >100 mm cross sections can be easily produced.

Ceramic Pouring Cups

Ceramic pouring and filtering cups are used for investment casting technology. They are made of high – quality ceramic material and pressed at high pressure. They are fit for casting ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals, withstand the most strenuous conditions within superalloys casting for aircraft industry.

Horiba LA-960V2 particle size distribution analyzer

The Horiba LA-960V2 particle size distribution analyzer is utilized by our company mainly for incoming raw material control. It is used to determine the medium grain size and distribution of particles in the samples. Water is the carrier liquid of this device, and ethanol can also be used in exceptional cases. Measuring capacity of the device is from 0,01 nm do 3000 nm. All this way measured results are decisive for release of the incoming raw material for production of foam-ceramic filters, ceramic cups and ceramic cores.

3D Scanner measurement

The LANIK s.r.o. company utilizes the 3D scanner manufactured by ZEISS, model COMET LED 2 5M. The device is used both for internal validation processes and for mass deliveries of ceramic pouring cups, cores and cast shaped products.

Scanning electron microscope

In the LANIK s.r.o. company, a scanning electron microscope manufactured by TESCAN, model VEGA 3 SBU, is used for development and operating purposes. The device works with up to 1000000x magnification and allows to use SE, BSE and LVSTD detectors for work in high or low vacuum. The device also includes an EDS detector Bruker XFlash 610Mini for elemental analysis.

Desktop X-ray diffractometer

Using the Miniflex 600 desktop X-ray diffractometer of the RIGAKU company, material analysis of powder samples is performed in our company. XRD provides valuable information about the crystallographic structure of materials and  representation of individual mineralogical phases. Miniflex is equipped with an X-ray tube 600W/20-40kV, scintillation detector.

D/teX Ultra – 1D silicon strip with a high angular resolution, vertical goniometer θ/2θ with the measuring capacity -3 to 145°, system of diaphragms, Soller diaphragms, incl. the Kβ filter. The chamber contains a rotating magazine for 6 samples. PDXL software performs the search / match analysis of phase identification using COD (Crystallography Open Database) and quantitative analysis. Sample preparation is provided by a special McCrone grinder designed for XRD.

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