We are dedicated to development of atypical foundry and non-foundry products.

Based on specific requirements of the end customers, we offer the possibility of development and manufacture of non – standard products. Specific customer requirements are always consulted by close cooperation between the sales, technical and development departments of the company. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

Tooling Production

In cooperation with our long – term partner, we offer the possibility of designing and manufacturing moulds for the wax models and ceramic cores for investment casting technology. Delivery of the moulds also includes validation in the LANIK s.r.o. company.

Gating Systems Design

In cooperation with an external organization, we offer the possibility of verifying designs of the gating systems using numerical simulation. Based on the customer’s technical specifications, we are able to design solution of filtration for a specific casting and perform verification of the design in the ProCAST program. In cooperation with the Brno University of Technology – Foundry Department, we also perform real casting tests and verify applicability of new recipes for ceramic foam filters, ceramic cores and pouring cups.

3D Printing

Possibilities of 3D printing are used actively – FDM and SLA technologies are the applied methods. The technologies are used both to support production and to develop new product lines.

Unique Ceramic Foam Products

Our foam ceramics also offers a wide range of applications such as building industry, architecture, design and applied art. A more detailed information can be found on the CERASTRUCT product brand web presentation.

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