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Products of refractory castables represent mainly the supplementary range of other product lines. We are speaking in the majority of cases about the products for the foundry industry, like filtration shaped pieces and boxes, filtration carousels and grids, casting runners, pouring shaped pieces, etc. Products for investment foundries, like ceramic firing muffles, shaped firing auxiliaries for ceramic core firing, kiln cars or prototype pouring cups, represent a specific product line.

We are focused on complex and thin – walled shaped pieces with the wall thickness from ca 10 mm. Weight of the shaped pieces ranges from 1 up to 200 kg. Materials of the shaped pieces are chosen with respect to the application; in the majority of cases the low – cement refractory concrete with kaolin grog or low cement refractory concrete with cordierite grog is used. Insulating refractory castables are used for special applications.


Up to 85% of our products are exported globally.