Filtration of non - ferrous alloys


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Product details

The Al2O3 based filters are intended in particular for filtering aluminium alloys and other nonferrous metals for foundry and metallurgical applications at the temperatures up to 1350 °C.

VUKOPOR® A ceramic foam filters are designed for filtration of aluminium and non – ferrous metal alloys in cast houses, particularly in primary and secondary processing of molten metal, as well as for filtration of castings in foundries.

VUKOPOR® A filters have a typical homogenous ceramic structure with a minimum of choked places on both the effective areas as well as inside the filter. These features, together with their resistance to chemicals used in metallurgical works and heat stability up to temperatures of 1350 °C, provide optimum conditions for filtration during the whole casting process. Their chemical composition, with adhesion forces active inside the filter ceramics, is ideal for capturing inclusions, particularly those on the basis of Al2O3.


Foundry Filters

The foundry VUKOPOR® A filters are used in special filter prints of the gating system in the mould as well as for direct pouring on the filter in combination with exothermic sleeves or insulating cups. They are manufactured in a huge scale of dimensions and various shapes.

Special designed shapes of VUKOPOR® A filters so – called “corks” are being used in combination with ceramic pipes in low-pressure die casting. The “corks” are provided with an expandable gasket and so they are inserted inside to rising tubes. Thanks to their huge filtering capacity and their material properties they can be used for many casting cycles and such replace the usage of one-shot filters or metal gratings.


Metallurgical Filters

The VUKOPOR® A filters for metallurgical applications are manufactured in a scale of square and round shapes with tapered sides providing their correct placement in horizontal filter bowls. Filters with an application in vertical position are manufactured in square or other special shapes without tapered sides.

All the types of filters are recommended to be equipped by sealing or expandable gaskets to fix them in the right position in linings and boxes. Metallurgical filters should be pre-heated before filtering and thus the maximum filtration capacity and pouring rate is achieved.

Product features

Application up to 1350 °C
Foundry and metallurgical applications
Opened 3D structure
Capture of large oxide membranes of Al alloys
Better casting surface and improved mechanical properties of the castings
Reduced amount of scrap = Reduced costs of finishing operations